keskiviikko 10. lokakuuta 2012

Be reactive!

Do not make rigid forms of your social relationships, kind of saying to yourself and silently to the other one that now we are pals, friends or lovers. Such rigid forms make you not able to adapt to the changing situations. When the relationsip needs you, you are not there. And when the other one is not trustworthy, you still are there as if she or he were the embodiment of trustworthiness. So you ruin a relationship with rigid forms. Instead be reactive. Give yourself room to live in and the give it to the other one too. When the rigid forms do not make you agitated, you feel more happy and fullfilled, and so every kind of relationships work better too. Let your feelings, fair play and each moment dictate what you do - but choose fairly! Sometimes you need new distance and to let the relationship be born anew again. Sometimes you need to be trustworthy to the extreme for your friend to find safety and a long term reliable friend in your comany. Fairness is the rule that you need to play by: not naive and not a bastard. Let your emotions give spirit to each time you meet and let the other one live by his or her own rythms too, finding pleasure in your company. To like and to be liked, and to share common interests and the pleasure of having company and a reliable friend.

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